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Biogas (methane)

Really natural Biogas! (Methane)


Rural Biogas: Biodigesters, Anaerobic digestion, Soil Conditioners & Natural Fertilizers.

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naRural Members Map

See in the Map the Members of naRural energy Community! #ruralenergy
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Southern Forestry Conclave

Southern Forestry Conclave (Photo credit: ESSM Extension Unit)

Energy needs in Agriculture and Forestry. (EN).


All the elements of this painting were include...

All the elements of this painting were included to reflect Cooperative Extension’s vision for 20th century farming – mechanized farming, crop diversification and rural electrification. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Other Energies for Rural and Farming needs. (EN).

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naRural energy proposal for Rural Farmers and Energy Professionals. (EN).


Helping rural women farmers in Nepal's Terai

Helping rural women farmers in Nepal’s Terai (Photo credit: DFID – UK Department for International Development)


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